So- I’m taking a class on blogging because I’ve been struggling with my writing -finding my voice and a format for it that feels right.  And maybe, just maybe,blogging is the ticket, but now the instructor has issued the diabolical assignment to actually post something on said blog.   And I hit the same wall I’ve been hitting for the past several months …..

I’m scared.

I’m terrified of revealing myself.

What I know for sure is that writing is about expressing the truth, the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

AND  truth be told-my voice, my writing is truthful and personal and I don’t want anyone to see that/it/me.  Yet , I’m compelled to write.  I LOVE words and finding the right ones to string together to convey exactly, precisely what I want to express. Writing for me is a soulful,  exhilarating, high-flying act—  without a net.  

So here it is– my first, official blog post!

 I wrote through the fear.

I wrote my truth.


4 Responses

  1. I so feel you! This first blog is wonderful and expresses beautifully how I reacted to the assignment as well. I want people to read what I write, but fear their reaction/judgment. You are very brave and are rightfully proud of your courage. Keep on writing (and posting)

  2. Good lucky to you and all of us in class. I hope this is the first of many posts.

  3. Congratulations! You confronted the fear but you acted in spite of it. Just keep it up, write, write, write, and let it be…

  4. I tried to express the same sentiment in my blog. Peace. You have plenty of company. The truth is always scary.

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